Business Planning Retreat

Quality of life issues led the way on Tuesday as Commissioners and staff reviewed actionable items arising from their Strategic Planning sessions on April 3rd and 4th. Bringing the city's fiber-optic infrastructure to businesses highlighted the discussions on Wednesday. The public is invited and encouraged to review the video and the presentations. This is how government gets done.


Watch the whole show online.

Video highlights are posted here. 



Select from among the slide presentations below for more information.

Opening Remarks

Watch the complete video of Day One here

Review the entire Finance presentation here

Dog Leg Woods Park - Commissioner Dunn questions Parks and Recreation Deputy Director Pam Page .Review the entire Parks and Rec discussion and presentation here

Solid Waste and Recycling - Commissioner Walker asks about the probability of a rate increase. Review the entire discussion and presentation here

Delta, jetBlue, American - Airport Director Gene Conrad paints a rosy picture of the future of air service for Lakeland. Review the entire discussion and presentation here

South Florida Avenue Diet - Commissioner Read expresses skepticism . Review the entire discussion and presentation here

Downtown Master Planning - CRA Director Nicole Travis walks the commissioners through downtown with eyes on the future. Review the entire discussion here

Downtown Parking - Commissioners Madden and Franklin weigh in on Angelo Rao's presentation. Review the complete discussion here.

Fire inspection fees - Commissioner Franklin asks about notifying affected businesses before implementation in July. Review the entire discussion and presentation here

Water, water, everywhere? - Commissioner Troller seeks clarity regarding the city's rate payers investing in future development projects . Review the entire discussion and presentation here

People who need people - Mark Farrington outlines the community mentorship project spearheaded by Mayor Mutz. Review the entire discussion and presentation here

Gigabit Lakeland - All seven commissioners weighed in, expressing optimism along with a healthy dose of caution. IT Director Terry Brigman's presentation to them is featured here unedited, and is followed by highlights of the commissioners' reactions and concerns. Review the entire discussion here

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