The City Commission of the City of Lakeland is committed to inclusive and participatory decision making and invites citizens to provide input in all phases of the decision making process. The purpose pf this policy is to provide guidelines to encourage public comment and participation while respecting the City Commission's obligation for the orderly conduct of government business. This policy shall provide rules of conduct and decorum for members of the public who may

appear to offer public comment so that those wishing to provide input to the City Commission in their deliberations have an opportunity to do so consistent with the Commission's obligation for orderly and efficient government decision making. The City Commission may establish such reasonable different or additional rules for Special Called City Commission meetings as situations may dictate.


Engaging the commission

Tighter City Hall Security April 30, 2018

If you’re going to Lakeland City Hall to conduct business or attend a meeting, plan to leave a few minutes earlier. Starting April 30, all visitors will have to sign in and receive a visitor pass. And if you’re going to City Hall to meet with somebody, you’ll need to wait for an employee to escort you.

Escorts will not be needed to attend a public meeting in places such as the third-floor City Commission chambers of conference room or the first-floor Building Department conference room, under new security procedures announced online Tuesday.