A new year in the making

The City began its Fiscal Year 2020 Strategic Planning with a retreat on April 22, and developed the following list of issues and objectives which will drive and inform their discussion, consideration, and decisions during the budget planning process.


Your role, if you choose to accept to, is to consider which, if any, of these appeal or apply to you, and then reach out to the commission and the city management team to let them know how and why. You'll find their email addresses at the bottom of every page on this site.


The issues and objectives as developed in the 2018 planning sessions for fiscal year 2019 are presented below for reference.

City of Lakeland

Senior Leadership Workshop on April 22, 2019

Fiscal Year 2020 Initiatives

New City Commission Items Moved Forward from the Strategic Planning Workshop.

Peer discussion on Lead and Support Departments/Team Members:

▪ Airport – Ultimate Plan
▪ CED – Affordable Housing Strategies & $250k Recurring Placeholder

▪ CED – Catalyst Site Evaluation/Plan (including funding)▪ CMO – Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Study $25k
▪ CMO – Homeless Caseworkers
▪ CMO – Innovation Technology Officer

▪ CMO / Finance – Certificate of Need (CON) Landscape Review▪ CMO / LDDA – Reimage/Reimagine Munn Park
▪ CMO / LDDA – Streetscape Master Plan
▪ CMO / P&R – Cultural Enrichment Center Task Force

▪ Finance – Line Item Investment Account ($500k)/Dispersal Criteria▪ Fire – Master Plan to move LFD Station 3
▪ P&R – LHCC $300k Conceptual Plan
▪ P&R – Long-Term Clay Tennis Courts Feasibility Study

▪ Police – Long-Term Strategies/Community Policing▪ PW / CED – Wabash Avenue
▪ PW-Lakes – Maintain Stormwater Fee Index
▪ PW-Parking – Development LPD Garage

▪ PW-FACM/P&R – New PAL Building
▪ RM-Purch – Local Preference for Bidders

▪ Policy & Workshop Discussions

▪ Impact Fee Discussion

Staff and commissioners

get down to business  

The future is now

Lakeland's citizenship recently had its best opportunity so far to learn how the newly constituted City Commission - with four voted into office last November (and December) - will address and consider the entire array of issues, obstacles, and strategies required to deliver government services effectively, responsively, and responsibly.

Commissioners and staff spent Tuesday and Wednesday (April 3rd and 4th) at the RP Funding Center reviewing the city's current status with a look toward its strategic priorities and future objectives.

The entire retreat could be viewed live on the city's website and the video record will be uploaded to the city's Vimeo page after it concludes

View the agenda here

Better than being there?

Presentations over two full days makes for a lot of information, and even the most attentive attendees might be forgiven for finding it all a bit daunting. The links below allow you to choose among them according to your own interest. So please do. 

Clicking on an image - displayed here in alphabetical rather chronological order - will open the presentation slides. Video is available through links on the City's website, but the slides offer a nice compact overview.

Survey finds respondents value quality of life most

City residents still care most about quality of life, according to the most recent Community Values Survey.

The results of the survey, completed by more than 5,500 residents, were shared Tuesday, the first day of the city’s annual planning retreat.


As in years past, quality of life was the most important value to residents, with economic opportunity coming in second, followed by fiscal management, growth management and communication.


City announces plans

for Lake Crago Park

A pavilion at Lake Crago Park will host a boat house, covered porch with rocking chairs, a classroom, kitchen and meeting room with glass windows overlooking the lake, Lakeland Parks and Recreation Deputy Director Pam Page unveiled at the city’s annual planning retreat Wednesday.

In addition, there will be canoe, kayak and fishing boat rentals, as well as boat storage at the facility off Lakeland Hills Boulevard.


Airport Director has

his eyes on the skies:

daily commercial flights

Lakeland Linder Regional Airport Director Gene Conrad said he is continuing to work to lure a commercial airline to town that would offer, at least, three to four flights per day to a regional hub.

“I think it’s critical to our future as a city,” Conrad told city commissioners at their annual strategic planning retreat this week. “Over 4,000 people a day are flying out of our community and 4,000 people are flying in.”


Jacking up Heritage Plaza

for a parking garage

LAKELAND — Some of Lakeland’s largest companies are coming together with the city to plan a 730-spot parking garage in downtown Lakeland.

The partners, announced Wednesday at the City Commission’s annual strategic planning retreat, comprise the city of Lakeland, Lakeland Regional Health, Mid-Florida Credit Union and the owner of Heritage Plaza, Aspyre Properties.



E-mail the commissioners

But one at a time, please!


For the most part, when recipients open an email that includes others they are less inclined to take it personally. Make sure your message resonates by sending it to each commissioner separately.

Scott Franklin - Stephanie Madden -  Sara McCarley - Chad Mcleod

Bill Mutz - Bill Read - Phillip Walker

Each of these noble citizens represents all the rest of us. The four geographic designations - Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast, etc. - apply only to the residency requirements for commissioners, not to their constituents. Bill Read, for instance, lives in the city's northeast quadrant and is likely to be more in tune with the businesses and neighborhoods in that area, but serves us all as our representative to the city management and staff.

It will always help to send your message to City Manager Tony Delgado  because it's his job to implement whatever projects, resolutions, and ordinances the Commission proposes in response to our communication.


State legislators representing Lakeland

Representative Colleen Burton

Senator Kelli Stargell