Five running to fill Troller's shoes, Read draws one, Walker none

Charter issues likely to boost turnout 

Three City Commission seats and three City Charter amendments are on the ballot for the 2019 election season.


Justin Troller yields to term limits having served three times in one of two at-large positions, and four candidates have lined up to take over. 


Incumbent Bill Read (NE District) faces Jiwa Farrell, while long-serving Phillip Walker (NW District) did not draw opposition and was thereby elected when the qualifying period ended. 

Proposed amendments to the city's charter would improve on obsolete language and references, impose stricter term limit rules, and lower the barrier for selling or leasing Lakeland Electric.

Select any candidate to review detailed campaign finance information. Select the City Charter link to review the ballot language and the entire amended charter.

Totals include all financial information - including in-kind contributions -  reported as of each candidate's most recent report filing.

All financial information - including in-kind contributions -  reported as of October 4th.

E-mail the commissioners

But one at a time, please!


For the most part, when recipients open an email that includes others they are less inclined to take it personally. Make sure your message resonates by sending it to each commissioner separately.

Scott Franklin - Stephanie Madden -  Sara McCarley - Bill Mutz

Bill Read - Justin Troller - Phillip Walker

Each of these noble citizens represents all the rest of us. The four geographic designations - Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast, etc. - apply only to the residency requirements for commissioners, not to their constituents. Bill Read, for instance, lives in the city's northeast quadrant and is likely to be more in tune with the businesses and neighborhoods in that area, but serves us all as our representative to the city management and staff.

It will always help to send your message to City Manager Tony Delgado  because it's his job to implement whatever projects, resolutions, and ordinances the Commission proposes in response to our communication.