Summit Downtown Headquarters Gets Design Approval

Allison Guinn



Feb 17, 2020  -  New angles on a design for Summit Consulting’s planned downtown headquarters didn’t change commissioners’ positive feelings for the lakeside office building, which received a 5-0 vote of approval Monday.


The additional renderings were provided by architect Brad Lunz of The Lunz Group at the request of commissioners who, though supportive of the design, wanted to provide more information to residents concerned the building would clash with the Frances Langford Promenade and its loggia. 


“We haven’t had a lot of building downtown in decades — certainly there are people who love their downtown, they love our beautiful view of the loggia, they love historic buildings like the Terrace (Hotel) and the (Lake Mirror) Tower,” Commissioner Stephanie Madden said, describing the emails and comments she got about the design. 




DATE: February 17, 2020


RE: Summit Office Building

Review of Architectural Design Plans

The attached architectural drawings are submitted for the City Commissions’ review and approval as it deems appropriate. It should be noted that the project’s site plan is currently under review and there are outstanding items that remain to be addressed. As a result, it is recommended that the City Commission’s approval be conditioned such that, in the event that any modifications to the site plan result in changes to the exterior architectural design of the Office Building other than modifications of a minor nature, further City Commission review and approval shall be required. Modifications of a minor nature would be approved by the Director of Community and Economic Development.

Brad Lunz updates the Commission on the progress of the architectural design

City Set to Approve Affordable Housing Land Bank Program

Marilyn Meyer


Feb 14, 2020  -  City commissioners are expected to approve an affordable housing plan Monday that encourages building homes on vacant city-owned lots and selling them to residents who have very-low to moderate incomes.


Guidelines for the Affordable Housing Landfill Program allow sale of city-owned lots to qualified builders and developers to build houses and apartments to sell or rent to resident with incomes of no more than 120 percent of the area’s median income, which, according to the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, currently is $55,920 for a family of two or $69,840 for a family of four.


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