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Blues in the night

Good morning, Chuck (Barmby, Planning & Transportation Manager)


Can you shed any light on the random sprinkling of highway street lights that seem to glow blue, or purple? I have noticed more and more of them.





Good Morning, Michael:


Great question—based on what I’ve heard from the Orlando area, the blue coloring is actually a defect in a particular type of lighting and that a plan is being developed to replace them.  I’ll ask Tess Schwartz (City Traffic Operations Manager) and Luis Duran (Lakeland Electric) if that has been their experience as well.




American Electric Lighting (AEL) is the manufacturer having this issue, blue lights.

However, as soon as we, (LE) noticed this issue with TECO we removed AEL from our approved manufacturers list.


We have a few blue lights here and there in our system, but nothing compared to Tampa or Orlando have and had experienced.



Luis A. Duran


Engineer / T&D Engineering

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