Franklin sees value
in Biden's success

"My wife and I are honored to attend the inauguration. Like the change of command ceremonies I attended while in the Navy, this time-honored tradition symbolizes the peaceful transfer of power from one leader to another.


"I served five presidents during my career (three Republicans and two Democrats). Regardless whether I voted for them or not, they were my Commander in Chief.


"After today’s swearing in, Joe Biden will be America's president and I wish him success - our country needs him to be successful."

Franklin: Trump Bears Some Responsibility, Impeachment Inappropriate

Rick Rousos



Jan 13, 2021  -  U.S. Rep. Scott Franklin, a Lakeland Republican, said “Yes” Tuesday that President Donald Trump bears some responsibility for the riot in the Capitol a week ago.


How much responsibility the president bears will be learned in coming days, including finding out when Trump’s administration called out the National Guard to quell the breach of the Capitol, he said.


But the newly elected member of Congress said a slam-dunk impeachment by the House of Representatives without all the information necessary for removing the president would be inappropriate.


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Most Americans would readily identify the three formal branches of the federal government as:

Executive  |  The President and his Cabinet

Legislative  | The Senate and House of Representatives

Judicial  | The courts

The missing link from this list is the most important and the least considered: The citizenship

This site will keep and publish a log of its contact activity and the Congressman's responses.  We encourage all of the citizens of District 15 to notify Mr. Franklin of any interest, concern, or reaction that may be appropriate. 

Engage your citizenship! He can't hear you shaking your head!

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Alice Hunt Will Head
Franklin’s Lakeland Office

Barry Friedman



Dec 28, 2020 - Incoming U.S. Rep. Scott Franklin has recruited Alice Hunt, a well-connected local business and civic leader, to run his Lakeland district office once he takes office next week.


Hunt, a past chairman of the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce Board and current chair of the Florida Polytechnic University Foundation Board, said the timing was right when Franklin asked her to join his staff.


She said she’ll be able to diminish her involvement at Hunt Construction of Central Florida, a family business where she is vice president, because a major subdivision is being completed earlier than anticipated and a daughter has joined the business. And she has plenty of assistance to perpetuate Hunt Properties LLC, a property management company where she is president, she said.


Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 8.48.30 AM.png

Lakeland District Office

124 S. Florida Avenue Ste-304

Lakeland, FL 33801