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Mr. Franklin is not representing

He is complaining, carping, criticizing, and casting aspersions. In between, he is casting himself as a cheerleader and a calendar, wishing happy birthday to the Coast Guard and taking selfies with worthy constituents.

He is not representing.

He voted against the “For The People Act”, HR-1, which was put forward by the Democratic party and seeks to improve ballot access and voting rights, but which the GOP leadership deemed unworthy of their consideration and voted against en-masse.

He voted against the most recent COVID relief bill along with his entire party in the House, perhaps illustrating the Republican version of “unity”.

He has voted - on the issues - in perfect synch with the likes of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene. He always will. We can accurately predict every vote he will cast, which means we don’t need him at all.

He is not representing his constituents. He holds us in contempt. He faithfully follows the party leaders into more restrictive abortion laws and more freedom for guns. He whines about the “crisis at the border” without making any effort whatsoever to help his Democratic colleagues craft a better plan. It’s the GOP way or no way. This isn’t thoughtfulness or consideration. It is blind loyalty to blindness.

He voted against certifying the results of the most well-run, well-audited, well-documented national election in history. We voted for Biden. He voted against us.

He does not represent us. He does not represent you. He does not want to.

In response to the growing divide at the core of the Republican party, Sen. Tommy Tuberville, (R-Ala) said, “You know, being a football coach, that’s what I would tell our players and coaches. You bring your whole team down. So that’s pretty much how I think about this. As a team, we don’t need arguing between teammates. We just need them to be on the same page.”

This of course is the heart of the problem. Elected politicians think they have won spot on "the team", rather than recognizing that they work for us, as employees.

Mr.Franklin was perfectly clear when, as a City Commissioner, he declared that he did not need to hear from constituents regarding their concerns about a mask mandate. He did not know what those concerns were. He simply dismissed them out of hand.

“We can take calls for the next three days, but I’m going to vote against it.” WATCH VIDEO

He will not respond.

During his first week in office, we sent him a message asking about his daily calendar and legislative agenda, looking forward to knowing what he was there to do. Yesterday, April 15th, (100 days later) I received his boiler-plate reply.

Mr. Franklin is of no use to the citizens of District 15.

From his own Facebook page:

The purpose of this page is for Rep. Scott Franklin to communicate with the citizens of Florida’s 15th Congressional District regarding his activities on behalf of his constituents and other matters of federal policy. It is not a public forum (our emphasis), so comments to posts on the page are not intended to be visible to the public at large. If you desire to provide feedback to Rep. Franklin, we encourage you to visit where you can send electronic correspondence to Rep. Franklin. If you wish to send handwritten or printed correspondence, then that can be mailed to 1517 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515.

Not even to the ones who voted for him. His agenda is to get elected again and his best hope is to follow the marching orders of his party’s leadership and to vote accordingly, never thoughtfully, never independently, never in the interest of his constituency, and most certainly, never in collaboration with his Democratic colleagues.

He is useless to the needs of the nation. Never vote for him again.


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