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Four-way Stops Will Replace Traffic Signals
at Seven Downtown Intersections
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Four-way stop will replace traffic signals at both of the Main Street intersections that border Munn Park


Kimberly Moore



Seven downtown intersections are being converted from traffic signals to four-way stops with flashing lights in a move that city officials say will improve traffic flow and focus driver attention on pedestrians.


The conversions will begin Jan. 20, city officials announced Thursday afternoon.


“Converting the downtown intersections from traffic signal control to four-way stop control supports the goals and objectives outlined in the Comprehensive Plan by facilitating a walkable, pedestrian-friendly environment,” Tess Schwartz, interim manager of traffic operations said in a press release.


We asked City Manager Shawn Sherouse


According to studies from the Federal Highway Administration, cited by our technical staff, “signals that were unwarranted when installed or are no longer warranted due to changes in traffic conditions can create safety and operational issues.”  The study indicates that removing unwarranted signals may result in decreases in injury crashes of up to 53% and overall crashes of up to 24%.       


Shawn Sherrouse

City Manager | City of Lakeland

228 S. Massachusetts Avenue

Lakeland, Florida  33801

863.834.6006 (office)

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