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Group Will Explore Centerpiece Options for Munn Park

Jennifer Audette


Jul 6, 2021  -  With the gap left by the relocation of the Confederate monument in mind, Lakeland’s Historic Preservation Board formed a committee recently to examine what, if anything, should become the focal point of Munn Park in downtown Lakeland.


“It’s time to restore Munn Park to what it once was or to what it should be,” Dan Fowler, chairman of the Preservation Board, told the other seven board members at their June 24 meeting.



Commission wants to wait on park carousel

Sara-Megan Walsh

The Ledger


April 17, 2019  -  The Lakeland Downtown Development Authority is more than welcome to take the wheel and steer future conversations about Munn Park, as city commissioners have no desire to be in the driver’s seat.

Lakeland commissioners adamantly agreed not to make any decision on potential changes to the park for at least a year during their strategic planning retreat Wednesday. Julie Townsend, the LDDA’s executive director, had proposed the city install a custom Lakeland-themed carousel.

“We’ve gotten a lot of responses on social media so far for the carousel,” Commissioner Bill Read said. “We just removed the statue. I’d like to see it die down and let the water settle before we do something. Let things lay for about a year.”


in search of Munn Park
‘it’ factor

Sara-Megan Walsh

The Ledger


April 29, 2019  -  Most agree Munn Park needs something to become the vibrant heart of the city. There just isn’t much agreement on what that something is.

A steady stream of residents stopped by the Lakeland Downtown Development Authority’s community forum on the future of Munn Park.

“This is going to take a dialogue, not a monologue,” said Julie Townsend, the LDDA’s executive director. “One of the issues is that people don’t use the park, but people think the park is being used.”

“I like the carousel idea, it’s a really family-oriented type of thing,” said Loretta Freeman, a Lakeland native. 

Freeman said she feels there’s a certain nostalgia to Munn Park. Her family has purchased several of the engraved pavers that once surrounded the 109-year-old Confederate statue before it was relocated to Veterans Park in late March. She said she wouldn’t want that piece of local history dismantled or disturbed.


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