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Welcome to the conversation

Community. Civic engagement. Citizenship.

If you find something to care – or worry – about, show up on Monday, at a regular commission meeting, and say so. Or at the least, send an email to the commissioners and staff.


Or write a letter to the editor of The Ledger, post your concern on Facebook, or Twitter, or send me a note for this blog. Community government is three-legged stool consisting of the city commission, the city’s professional staff, and us: the citizenship. If we don’t hold up our end it will wobble and fail. So get on board and help us row.

We adhere to the charge from American poet, W.H. Auden who said "You owe it to all of us to get on with what you're good at."

Expanding our universe

As this site enters its fifth year it is widening its view of the role, effect, and benefit of civic engagement. Beyond the city limits, we will now include observations of the work of all of the honorable citizens who have stood for election to represent our communities, our county, state, and national interests. We assume they are honorable and we ask that they be accountable. 

Public art, fostered, promoted, and produced through the mission of Platform Art, decorates our city

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