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These things take time

Something like six years in this case, the case of the New York Avenue Cycle Track. If nothing else gets your attention here, please let it be this clip from the City Commission’s discussion on Monday ( August 20 ).

Kudos to Scott Franklin for clarity and kudos to Phillip Walker for advocacy and passion. Both are at work to represent the community.

It should be noted that the lion’s share of the cost for this project comes from state grants and transportation taxes, not property taxes, so it feels a little like a freebie. But it’s not. It could be argued that the same funding could be put to better use for sidewalks, bike lanes, and other traffic safety features that would benefit a much wider array of citizens and stakeholders.

But it’s too late. Better luck next time.

It is fair to ask, how could we have known and what could we have done, and the answer is simply to engage the city. Care. Speak. Ask. Learn. Download there Commission Agendas and read them. Look for something that connects with you, because something usually does, and when nothing really does, rest assured you have done your part just by paying attention. Maybe the next item will prod you into action.

Watch the highlights below or watch the discussion in its entirety here.

By the way, the public budget hearings are on the docket for September, and that would be a great opportunity to hone your interests and engage your citizenship.

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