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Fake! Fake! Real! Fake Fake Fake! Real! Real! Fake! Real! Real! Fake! Fake! Real! Fake! Fake!

You don’t know how it works, do you?

It seems to me that you - we - want a single, reliable, trustworthy, objective source for the news and information we need. The problem is that there is no such thing. You probably don’t even trust anyone you know personally to meet all of these requirements, but you still want someone - some thing - to fill this role.

Being well informed is a do-it-yourself project and if you won’t do it, you have only yourself to blame. And that’s the hard part isn’t?

Taking responsibility for your own ignorance - not stupidity, but ignorance, a lack of information - is difficult. Finding and testing a multitude of available news outlets takes more time than picking one that likes your thinking and sticking with it, doesn’t it?

Information is meaningless without context and reference, but you are the one who must provide that by gathering all you can and then culling it for value. Stop carping about media bias that simply doesn’t match your own. And stop looking for an echo chamber that only feeds back your own noise. Watch FOX and MSNBC. Read The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, your hometown paper and local blogs. Listen to Rush Limbaugh and PBS.

You already know what you think, so why not learn what other people think? Or would you rather be ignorant?

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