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It's the stupidity

Forget the lies. Forget the vulgarity. Forget the rudeness, name-calling, and insults. These are the symptoms, not the sins.

The most worrisome - and harmful - feature of our current cultural landscape is that the most prominent among its population are ignorant. And that they tap that ignorance to become invincibly stupid.

Otherwise, I ask you, how can the preeminent product of the American system of higher education turn out to be so oblivious to true information, expert advice, and actual facts?

What member in good standing of the bar could possibly believe “the election was stolen”? Dead people voted? Donald Trump was a good President? Covid-19 is a hoax, etc. You know the list. It’s patently nonsense, yet a great number of people - educated, successful, and even earnest - are willing to profess their faith in a fairy tale without even a whisper of supporting evidence.

If you can in fact forget all the chad of their bad behavior, at least recognize that their relentless indifference to valid information is dragging real success and real opportunity for human advancement into the toilet.

Make them stop.

Vote them out. Tune them out. Walk away.

The most historically significant three words ever etched into the world’s consciousness are the ones we all know so well: “We, the people”.

It is of course, time for all good people to come to the aid of the country. And while that seems like an impossible task right now, begin by coming to the aid of your tribe, your neighborhood, your community, your city, county, and state, in that order. Engage your citizenship which confers upon you the right to not only “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, but the right to ensure and sustain it in perpetuity.

It’s time to throw the bums out. And if it requires repetition until they are all gone and replaced by good sense and good citizens, so be it: the price of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Get busy!

If you are unconvinced, consider that the Attorney General of Texas sued four other states over the way they conduct elections, A Texas lawmaker (????) suggested seceding from the union, Trump’s former - now pardoned liar - chief of staff is suggesting martial law, and that 59 of 60 lawsuits have failed. Not to mention that Florida’s governor is unwilling to suggest the people wear masks - the least we can do - and that maybe people only need one dose of the vaccine!

“How stupid can you be?” is a question, not a challenge!


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