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Losing our self control

And self esteem, we might add.

So much talk in the year of elections hyped up the notion that “control” of the Senate was on the line, and that the consequences of the outcome could be great or grave, depending on your political persuasion.


The “control” that the talkers referred to was simple arithmetic - 51 of “them” and 49 of “us” - a plain numerical majority. Not a thoughtful majority. Not a collegial majority. Not a majority in favor of the people, and certainly not a moral majority.

Just 51-49.

If the 51 all vote alike, they win. Or prevail if you prefer. But we lose. All party-line votes are a shame, and a sham. No thoughtful person could reasonably conclude from unanimous bloc voting that any thought went into the outcome. In fact all “unanimous” votes are at best ceremonial and at worst a flagrant lie.

If we could actually run the country with such a senseless system, no one would need to go to Washington to act as our proxies or representatives. They could simply send their votes. Which is exactly what Scott Franklin will do. Which is what he has already done. Every vote he casts during his term will be perfectly aligned with the leadership of the Republican party. He will never consider the Democrat point of view. He will never think for us. He will never even think for himself. He will phone it in.

Mr. Franklin will not align himself with any force except his own party. The GOP, the party of the Capitol siege. He will not represent you. He will do as he is told. He pledged to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, and by extension the citizens who are subject to its provisions, but that was just a ceremonial lie.

Democrats believe that they have wrested “control” of the Senate from Republicans on account of having 51 votes they can count on. Rely on. Control. Republicans will have to settle for meaningless opposition.

So, now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of the country. We control the Senate. And the House. And the President. We, the people.

So now we must act like it. So now we must act. The work of citizenship is perpetual. Voting is just a signal to those we elect. Paying close attention to what they say and do is the ongoing business for all of the people, all of the time. Cheering the good outcomes, rejecting the failures, and replacing the unqualified office holders is how we succeed.

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Engage your citizenship. Make contact.

They can’t hear you shaking your head.


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