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Winners, Losers, and Us

There is not much new about partisan politics. In fact, its the only form of politics that actually exists. Bi-partisanship merely refers to the phenomenon of both partisans collaborating. The “partisan” part of the word is the most important.

It’s not a melding. It’s a compromise. If you have ever compromised, you know what that means and how it feels.

A view of history through the gauze of nostalgia and selective memory yields a time that really never existed, but allows us to persist in the notion that we were once better than we are.

The collateral feature of that view is that it allows us to see the founding ideals clearly because they are written on paper and preserved for reference. It may be useful to occasionally compare those words to these times and consider the differences as a guide.

The news of the passage of COVID relief legislation was mostly presented in combat terms - or at least as the result of competition, rather than consideration.

Congress OKs $1.9T virus relief bill in win for Biden, Dems

… Joe Biden and Democrats claimed a major triumph on legislation marshaling the government’s spending might against twin pandemic and economic crises that have upended a nation.

Biden’s early win on COVID-19 relief could be hard to repeat. Or he could be FDR

President Biden’s first big legislative victory, the $1.9-trillion package he calls the American Rescue Plan, squeaked through an evenly divided Senate by the narrowest of margins, along party lines, foreshadowing the challenges ahead for his other priorities — on infrastructure, voting rights, immigration and climate change.

Analysis: Biden eyes big win that will send checks to millions of Americans

Joe Biden is on the cusp of a presidency-defining first 100 days victory and tens of millions of Americans could soon get stimulus checks as the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 rescue bill heads back to the House for a final vote.

Looks like the Sports page.

When you divide any group of people, you create rivals. After which, as Vince Lombardi told us, “winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.”

Having long ago traded a moral compass for a scoreboard, our elected representatives are locked in battle for party supremacy. Any side effects that happen to improve the state of the citizenship are purely coincidental. They are not on our side. We are merely the audience for their shenanigans. We have no role except applause - or booing.

So what?

So get in the game. Get down out the bleachers and onto the field of play and insist on being seen and heard. Citizenship is not a passive state. It requires audience participation. Whatever matters to you won’t matter to anyone else until you bring it to their attention. They can’t hear you shaking - or nodding - your head.

Citizenship in Lakeland means connecting with the City Commission, the Polk County Commission, the Governor and state government, and our federal representatives.

While you are unlikely to get a personal reply praising your insightful wisdom, you may eventually see a response influenced by the voices of however many of your fellow citizens also participate. The more, the better.

It isn’t a “win” for anybody if it isn’t good for everybody.

Make contact today.


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